Tarragona historically has become a city inclined to the practice of sport, since in 1878 the first Nautical Club was inaugurated, the first of all the state; In 1886 the Gymnastic Club was created, the oldest Spanish sports center. Soccer would take a few more years to get his nose in Tarragona, behind the Fronton and cycling. The first football match celebrated in the city dates from March 10, 1901, to the existing velodrome in Plaça del Progrés (current Corsini) between the times (this was known to the teams) Association of Football Tarragona (which eight years later federated as Tarragona FC) and the Sporting Intrepid Football in Barcelona that finished in 2-5 for the visitors. In fact, the Tarragona FC (still without federation) on March 17, 1901, participates in the II Macaya Cup (a kind of Championship of Catalonia), contesting six games, organized by the Catalan Football Federation to commemorate its first anniversary . These were the results: FC Barcelona - Tarragona FC 2-0 Hispania SD - Tarragona FC 6-0 Tarragona FC - SD Franco Española (The rival is not presented) Tarragona FC - FC Barcelona 0-18 (FCB top goalscorer as rivals) Tarragona FC - Hispania SD 0-2 SD Franco Española - Tarragona FC 0-0 This difference between the teams of Barcelona and Tarragona made the desire to compete cool and decided to play friendly with teams of Some of the rivals that faced the Tarragona FC in those years of incipient, romantic and especially improvised football were: Atlético de Madrid, Universal CF, Hispania CE, Tarraco SC, Pedal SD and Stadium de Tarragona; Club Velocipedista, Olimpia FC and FC Helvetia de Reus; Hispania de Valls and CF Riudoms, none of these were federated. FOUNDATION OF TARRAGONA FC Some of these teams (Intrèpid, Hispania, Minerva, Olímpic or Stàdium) taking some level but fail to federate are supposed to be due to economic reasons or lack of social support. On the other hand, what he would do in January 1909 would be the Tarragona FC, which became the first federated football club in the province of Tarragona. The meeting was held in the recently opened Bar La Bateria owned by Joan Nin at number 37 of the Rambla Nova and had the obligatory and clear view of the Civil Government. The club, the reasons are unknown, chose to wear a red and black wide striped t-shirt, black pants and mitgetes also black but with a white vault. The first