The club

Tarragona Soccer Club returns to the city. As the resurgence of the Phoenix, with more strength and push than ever.

The philosophy of the Club used in the 21st century will be the following:

Tarragona Futbol Club, social club. We want to make Tarragona an open club, for all, involved in cultural and sports activities in our city to promote sport among all.
Tarragona Soccer Club, for everyone. We do not want any child to stop playing soccer for economic reasons, therefore, we will make a scholarship system to help, as much as possible, families with less economic resources. In the same way, we want to offer fair annual installments, playing soccer should not be a luxury.
In conclusion, we do not want to recover only the sports aspect of the Tarragona Futbol Club, but also the spirit of the city club, a club for all the people of Tarragona, just and affordable, but also competitive, respecting the right sport, fostering respect, tolerance and teamwork on all our teams.

We take this opportunity to welcome you

Sincerely, Junta del Tarragona Futbol Club.